Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Windows

A feature-packed PDF reader for Windows PCs

Adobe Acrobat Professional is one of the most popular suites of productivity for managing PDFs. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to edit or print or view, manage or even create PDFs The program provides various options and Cloud services to help you streamline workflows. It was developed by Adobe it’s Pro complete suite includes Adobe Acrobat, Document Cloud and Acrobat Reader. While the basic Acrobat Reader is compatible with both mobile and PC-based operating systems, the Pro complete suite of software is available only for desktop computers.

Adobe Acrobat was initially an editing family that included basic tools that were linked to In the course of time the application has grown to become an full of features from the giant software company. With this program, you can also import documents, image formats, types, and various types of files that you can save as PDFs. When compared against the Free PDF Reader, PDF Reader for Windows as well as Foxit Reader it proves to be the best in the PDF market.

Edit, view, or create and even read PDFs quickly

Adobe Acrobat Professional has a user-friendly interface. The left-hand sidebar shows pages bookmarks, attachments and thumbnails. When you click a single button to right-click the thumbnails, you are able to manage multiple features like the number of pages, scan and ordering and more. When you use Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can also open pages using Roman numerals. Certain pages can be opened using Arabic numerals.

With this program, you can perform a variety of tasks. It can make PDFs, modify the order of pages, crop them as well as insert digital signatures edit hyperlinks, include comments and even remove sections in the file. There are all the tools required to modify a PDF document.

The Home screen is equipped with two separate displays for the most recent scans and documents. You can easily create scans with an application called Adobe Scan mobile app. It provides easy access to files on your computer through the Document Cloud as well as additional Cloud solutions including OneDrive, Dropbox, SharePoint, GoogleDrive, etc. Although the program does not access to Apple’s iCloud Drive, you can access iCloud documents from the My Computer tab.

Adobe Acrobat Pro offers a additional set of tabs that concentrate on sharing PDF files. There’s a tab for documents that you’ve sent or received and another for files you’re reviewing or making comments on as well as the last tab for files that require Digital signatures. If you’re looking to look at PDFs or modify them, the whole collection of tabs is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The most current edition of the reader has an instrument bar that is vertically located at the right-hand side in the primary window. It gives users an easy access to frequently-used tools and features, such as the user-friendly interface that blends many PDFs into a single PDF.

What are the main features?

Adobe Acrobat Professional comes with various features for creating as well as editing PDFs. For example you can include images and text as well as insert links and annotations and alter the formatting options like the size of your image, font size, etc.

The program also has OCR scanning capabilities that lets you add additional documents such as images, text, and cut-up information within the pdf file. This feature lets you can edit the scanned data and it can be transformed to text. It will automatically match the font format of the PDF so that the file has the same appearance.

While you can make PDFs, there’s an integrated converter that allows users to combine various formats into PDF files. The most popular formats include web pages, images, MS Office formats, and more.

When you work using Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can alter the settings of your file that include the size of the file, merging pages document, splitting them directly printing, and much more. To access specific features for pages the application lets you change the orientation, delete as well as rearrangeeverything. You can also examine two documents one-to-the-other. Additionally users can edit and complete PDF forms right in the application.

What are the features of collaboration?

For filling out forms electronically The program has a an electronic signature feature. With this feature, you can make electronic signatures to quickly sign and fill out forms. In addition, you can utilize the program’s collaborative capabilities to monitor and collect signatures from your colleagues, clients as well as other parties.

With the application’s Cloud service feature allows you to easily browse PDFs across various devices all over the world. If you’re worried about security concerns then you’ll be pleased to learn this PDF viewer can provide password protection for documents.

Although the application offers a variety of options, the navigation isn’t difficult. It lets you modify PDFs using the help of a assortment of tools which are readily accessible through its intuitive interface. Because of this, you can work more efficiently with documents, regardless of what platform or device you’re using.

It’s important to note that you have the option to configure preferences to aid in navigating through the various options. The one drawback to the program is that it’s requirements of system resource is hefty. Therefore, the installation process can take a while and older computers are more prone to crash.

Do you have any security features?

In recent years the issue of digital security has become the most crucial topic in the world of cyber security. Adobe Acrobat Pro comes with an integrated tool called Protect. It provides a variety of options to secure your files. For instance, you could encode documents using the help of a passwordor certificate, erase certain types of information, restrict editing or editing.

The best solution for managing PDFs on your computer

There’s an excellent reason as to why Adobe Acrobat Professional is one of the most popular tools for managing PDFs in the field. It is packed with many options, including an easy collaboration with cloud services. Cloud cloud service.

It’s important to note that the program requires a lot of system resources, yet it works flawlessly on the latest versions of Windows (7 8 10 as well as 11,). With the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC download, you are able to easily read, view and edit the PDF file on your PC.

Review of the author


  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Cloud-based services that are integrated
  • Converts many formats to PDF
  • Supports digital signatures


  • Requires heavy system resources