How to Clear App Cache on an iPhone

The use of an iPhone is an excellent method to keep in touch and well-organized. However, just like any other gadget it is prone to becoming filled with useless data. Some of the more frequent types of files that get accumulated over time is caches for apps. Clearing the app cache can make your device run more efficiently and save space on your storage. In this post, we’ll examine the nature of app caches and why you should remove them, the steps to manually do it and how to setup the automatic clearing of app caches for your iPhone.

What is App Cache?

App caches are the files created by apps installed on your smartphone to store information, images and other data. The data is saved in order to make the app operate more efficiently and quickly. If, for instance, you frequently open an app the app will store information so that it doesn’t need to download data from the internet each time you launch it. This helps enhance users’ experience.

Why Should You Clear App Cache?

While app caches are intended to help your apps run more efficiently, they can eventually get too big and make your device slower. They can also consume important storage space. Clearing caches in your apps can clear up space on your storage and help your device perform faster.

What Happens When You Clear App Cache?

If you clear your app’s cache, you’re deleting the apps’ files that are installed on the device. Clearing your cache does not erase any personal data, nor your app, however it resets the app back to its initial settings. This means that you will require re-entering your login credentials and go through the set-up procedure when you launch the app for the second time.

How to Clear App Cache on an iPhone

Clearing caches from apps for an iPhone is simple. To begin, you must open the Settings app, then go to General. After that, scroll down until you choose “iPhone Storage”. This will display the applications you have installed on your iPhone as well as the amount of storage space they use. Once you’ve determined those apps that have highest caches, you are able to select the app, and then click “Delete App”. This will remove the app along with its caches.

Ways to Automatically Clear App Cache

If you do not want to delete manually the caches of your apps There are several methods for setting up automatic clearing for app caches. One method is to utilize an application from third parties such as CleanMyPhone. The app is able to remove app caches regularly.

Should You Automatically Clear App Cache?

The decision to remove your cache of apps automatically depends on your personal requirements. If you frequently use a variety of applications and you don’t wish to delete them manually, then auto-clearing could be a viable alternative. But if you don’t frequently use applications or don’t mind having to delete them manually, then auto-clearing isn’t necessary.

How to Change Auto Clear Settings

If you choose to use an application like CleanMyPhone to automatically clear your cached apps You can modify the settings. Just open the app and click on”Settings” “Settings” tab. From there, you’ll have the option to choose how often the app to clear its cache.


Clearing caches from apps on your iPhone will help you to free up space on your storage and help your phone run more efficiently. There are a variety of methods to accomplish this, for example, manually deleting the caches, or using a third-party application to automatically clear them. In the end, the choice of clearing your app caches , and how often depends on your specific requirements.